Sunday, July 28, 2013

NARS Orgasm Nail Polish Review + Swatch

My favourite blusher is the cult favourite NARS Orgasm, so it only made sense that when I thought I'd lost it, I'd immediately re-purchase another.
So, the last time I bought the Orgasm/Laguna duo, I also got the Orgasm nail polish which I was exciiiiiiiited about because, sex on my face AND nails, it couldn't get any better, right? Hmm, that sounded kind of...dirty...

It looks very chic, and it has the NARS signature rubbery top (we all know what a pain that is when you've got a NARS product in your handbag, eh ladies. All the dirt, assemble!). The brush itself is quite standard and the formula itself is runny. The frustrating thing is that it's very light in colour, so it takes at LEAST 3 layers to become opaque. Even then, it's not completely opaque, as you can see in my next photo.

The one thing I was super impressed with was the longevity of the nail polish. I am a lazy potato-bug and I usually can't be bothered with a top coat (tell me I'm not the only one). Sans a top coat, this nail polish stayed chip free for almost 3 days! How amazing is that? Any other nail polish would chip within the first 12 hours, but this one, ho boy, really stayed strong.

I was a bit sceptical about the colour of the nail polish, i.e. it not matching the blusher, but when I swatched the blusher on my hand, it was pretty much a 100% match! In the pan, the blusher looks a lot more pink, but swatched on the hand, you could see the beautiful coral/golden colour.

I think I'm currently too pale to wear this shade, but it would look absolutely lovely on someone with tanned skin. Nevertheless, it won't put me off wearing it, it truly is a gorgeous colour that I doubt is easy to find.

Tell me, friends, what NARS nail polish do you covet? Are they any good, or are their blushes really only worth the moola?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jump to June Favourites

Ciao bellas!

I'm sorry that I've been MIA but I've had a lot on my plate since my beau's arrival and I just haven't had the time to update the ol' blog even though the purchasing hasn't stopped. I'm actually proud of myself because I haven't bought anything online for a few months now! But only because I haven't had money in the account with which I make my online purchases. Still. Proud of myself! Savings galore, woop woop!

I just noticed that I was a naughty blogger and completely featured two products from last month as this month's favourites as well...oh well...that just goes to show how much I love them!

 In order from left to right, le-tsu go!

1. SKIN AQUA さらさらUVシャワー SPF50+ PA+++ - Summer is well and truly here in Japan, and I decided I needed to invest in a decent sunscreen. Luckily for me, Japan has a plethora of them and they are all quite high in the SPF and PA department. The beauty of this sunscreen is that you just spray it and ta-da! Done! It's such a fine mist that when I first applied I was worried I hadn't applied it properly. It's not sticky, it doesn't leave me greasy, like I said, it's like you hadn't applied it at all.

2. Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water - A great little face spray that I've actually used up now. So refreshing when I wake up feeling super hot in the morning and need something to cool me down in the already 28 degree heat at 7.30am.

3. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product - This is my little hair saviour. Like a lot of other people have noted, you might not notice a difference the first time you use it, but after a while, if you happen to not use it once, you'll notice the difference immediately. This has really helped to keep my hair smoother and softer. I'm keen on trying the version with keratin in it.

4. MUA Lipstick in Shade No. 16 - It's a bright coral lipstick that leans towards orange more and it fits right in with the current summer trend of coral lipsticks. I bought it during a 50% off and free worldwide shipping on the MUA website. Unfortunately, when I lent it to a friend, it looked way more amazing on her than it did on me; she has the most beautiful blue eyes, and the contrast between the lipstick and her eyes was amazing! So, blue-eyed beauties, I can highly recommend this colour to you.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Repulpant Shiny Lip Plumper SPF10 in Shade 1 - I bought this in a sale when it came with a YSL lipstick, and I paid around NZ$45 for both, which I thought was a bit of a bargain. I recently re-discovered this lip gloss when I was looking for something to wear on my lips, and I really liked how it gave my lips that shine without the stickiness and the minty feel and smell is quite refreshing on a summer's day.

6. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 21 - A staple in my handbag when I've rushed out and feeling like I need to put something on my face to cover up the redness and give me the SPF I need.

7. Essie Borrowed and Blue Nail Polish - Probably the most worn colour of the year for me! Such a beautiful light sky blue colour, it will look gorgeous on someone with a tan! Still working on mine, y'all.

8. Vecua Wonder Honey Citrus Sorbet Body Spray - Every time I spritz this on myself I crave lemonade! It smells exactly like it and it makes me so thirsty. I find this the perfect scent for a pick-me up and when I want to cool down a bit. My summer must have if you're living in Japan and want a nice body spray!

9. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses with Blue Tint - I got these a few years ago as I needed a decent pair of sunglasses, and as I have a naturally weird face, I don't seem to suit any style other than the aviator. I don't mind because I think they look damn cool on anyone who wears them! I'm lusting after the new seasons ones though, ahh.

Non-beauty faves:

1. Air-cons: anywhere and everywhere because goddamn it's humid.

2. The beaaaaaaaach! Can't wait to be swimming every day!

And most important fave:


I am addicted to this show. There is just aksljfsdkjfsd so many feels, you just have to watch it. If you're wanting a bit of supernatural action, dorkiness, brotherly love, angels and demons, ghosts, ridiculous scenes, and a bit of eye candy, you should give this show a go.