Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Inspired Scents Etsy Store Perfume Review

So, it's been a while, huh. If you've noticed my absence I apologise; I have been tackling the beast that is the Japanese immigration and all of processes that come with trying to get a working visa in Japan. My beau decided that he wanted to camp out here in my little tin roof flat, so I spent my summer sweating my ass off on a bicycle seat and various governmental offices, yay!  Other than that, I have just been plain lazy, left my blog feeling a tad unloved. But that’s all changing, I promise.

Today I decided to write about a small business I stumbled across on Etsy this summer. Now, if you don’t already know about Etsy, I feel like I should warn you. Access this site only if you’re ready to be sucked into all the handmade awesomeness and be ready to part with your beloved savings account.

I discovered Shelley's Etsy store when I was searching online for a dupe of Elizabeth Arden’s Bronze Goddess perfume. I was desperate for a new summer perfume and Japan’s shops had nothing to offer in terms of summer fragrances. In Japan, their range is focused on citruses and fresh scents, and I was desperate for some coconut action in my perfume, and the Bronze Goddess perfume seemed right up my alley.

Bronze Goddess (TYPE) is a sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot and Mandarin, cooled with Tahitian Gardenia Petals and Coconut, warmed with Amber, Sandalwood, and Vetiver. All heat, all desire, all woman.
I lucked out because I found a couple of sellers who were selling their own versions of famous designer scents, and BG happened to be one of the ones they made. I was curious about how similar it would smell compared to the real thing, and I also ordered Miss Dior Cherie because that’s a perfume I had owned before and knew what it smelt like. My perfumes were sent lightning quick and I received my package in just less than 2 weeks. 
I was very pleasantly surprised to discover in my package that Shelley had also included a full sized solid perfume in her Coconut Mandarin scent as well! I was absolutely tickled pink.

Store description: This fragrance has notes of mandarin, strawberry leaf, violet, jasmine, caramel popcorn, wild strawberry sorbet, musk, and patchouli.
I was absolutely delighted to find that the Miss Dior Cherie smelt exactly like I remembered my bottle of it smelling! Sweet and slightly floral, it is gorgeous and I wear it almost every day now. My Bronze Goddess I wore almost every day since I received it, and I actually ended up being able to purchase an actual bottle of it through a friend who had gone back to the US for a visit, so I was able to compare the two and found that the likeness was pretty much 100%. Both the oil perfumes are very potent and last at least 4 hours on my skin during the summer, and around 5-6 hours during the winter.

I am so pleased with my perfumes, Shelley is super lovely and the shipping rate was decent! I am so envious of all those people in the US, there are so many awesome Etsy shops that I would be purchasing from if I lived in the States! Here is the link to Shelley's store, if you wish to take a gander.

Tell me, lovely readers, what is your favourite Etsy store? Hope y’all had a safe and fun Halloween/Samhain!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

NARS Orgasm Nail Polish Review + Swatch

My favourite blusher is the cult favourite NARS Orgasm, so it only made sense that when I thought I'd lost it, I'd immediately re-purchase another.
So, the last time I bought the Orgasm/Laguna duo, I also got the Orgasm nail polish which I was exciiiiiiiited about because, sex on my face AND nails, it couldn't get any better, right? Hmm, that sounded kind of...dirty...

It looks very chic, and it has the NARS signature rubbery top (we all know what a pain that is when you've got a NARS product in your handbag, eh ladies. All the dirt, assemble!). The brush itself is quite standard and the formula itself is runny. The frustrating thing is that it's very light in colour, so it takes at LEAST 3 layers to become opaque. Even then, it's not completely opaque, as you can see in my next photo.

The one thing I was super impressed with was the longevity of the nail polish. I am a lazy potato-bug and I usually can't be bothered with a top coat (tell me I'm not the only one). Sans a top coat, this nail polish stayed chip free for almost 3 days! How amazing is that? Any other nail polish would chip within the first 12 hours, but this one, ho boy, really stayed strong.

I was a bit sceptical about the colour of the nail polish, i.e. it not matching the blusher, but when I swatched the blusher on my hand, it was pretty much a 100% match! In the pan, the blusher looks a lot more pink, but swatched on the hand, you could see the beautiful coral/golden colour.

I think I'm currently too pale to wear this shade, but it would look absolutely lovely on someone with tanned skin. Nevertheless, it won't put me off wearing it, it truly is a gorgeous colour that I doubt is easy to find.

Tell me, friends, what NARS nail polish do you covet? Are they any good, or are their blushes really only worth the moola?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jump to June Favourites

Ciao bellas!

I'm sorry that I've been MIA but I've had a lot on my plate since my beau's arrival and I just haven't had the time to update the ol' blog even though the purchasing hasn't stopped. I'm actually proud of myself because I haven't bought anything online for a few months now! But only because I haven't had money in the account with which I make my online purchases. Still. Proud of myself! Savings galore, woop woop!

I just noticed that I was a naughty blogger and completely featured two products from last month as this month's favourites as well...oh well...that just goes to show how much I love them!

 In order from left to right, le-tsu go!

1. SKIN AQUA さらさらUVシャワー SPF50+ PA+++ - Summer is well and truly here in Japan, and I decided I needed to invest in a decent sunscreen. Luckily for me, Japan has a plethora of them and they are all quite high in the SPF and PA department. The beauty of this sunscreen is that you just spray it and ta-da! Done! It's such a fine mist that when I first applied I was worried I hadn't applied it properly. It's not sticky, it doesn't leave me greasy, like I said, it's like you hadn't applied it at all.

2. Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water - A great little face spray that I've actually used up now. So refreshing when I wake up feeling super hot in the morning and need something to cool me down in the already 28 degree heat at 7.30am.

3. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product - This is my little hair saviour. Like a lot of other people have noted, you might not notice a difference the first time you use it, but after a while, if you happen to not use it once, you'll notice the difference immediately. This has really helped to keep my hair smoother and softer. I'm keen on trying the version with keratin in it.

4. MUA Lipstick in Shade No. 16 - It's a bright coral lipstick that leans towards orange more and it fits right in with the current summer trend of coral lipsticks. I bought it during a 50% off and free worldwide shipping on the MUA website. Unfortunately, when I lent it to a friend, it looked way more amazing on her than it did on me; she has the most beautiful blue eyes, and the contrast between the lipstick and her eyes was amazing! So, blue-eyed beauties, I can highly recommend this colour to you.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Repulpant Shiny Lip Plumper SPF10 in Shade 1 - I bought this in a sale when it came with a YSL lipstick, and I paid around NZ$45 for both, which I thought was a bit of a bargain. I recently re-discovered this lip gloss when I was looking for something to wear on my lips, and I really liked how it gave my lips that shine without the stickiness and the minty feel and smell is quite refreshing on a summer's day.

6. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 21 - A staple in my handbag when I've rushed out and feeling like I need to put something on my face to cover up the redness and give me the SPF I need.

7. Essie Borrowed and Blue Nail Polish - Probably the most worn colour of the year for me! Such a beautiful light sky blue colour, it will look gorgeous on someone with a tan! Still working on mine, y'all.

8. Vecua Wonder Honey Citrus Sorbet Body Spray - Every time I spritz this on myself I crave lemonade! It smells exactly like it and it makes me so thirsty. I find this the perfect scent for a pick-me up and when I want to cool down a bit. My summer must have if you're living in Japan and want a nice body spray!

9. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses with Blue Tint - I got these a few years ago as I needed a decent pair of sunglasses, and as I have a naturally weird face, I don't seem to suit any style other than the aviator. I don't mind because I think they look damn cool on anyone who wears them! I'm lusting after the new seasons ones though, ahh.

Non-beauty faves:

1. Air-cons: anywhere and everywhere because goddamn it's humid.

2. The beaaaaaaaach! Can't wait to be swimming every day!

And most important fave:


I am addicted to this show. There is just aksljfsdkjfsd so many feels, you just have to watch it. If you're wanting a bit of supernatural action, dorkiness, brotherly love, angels and demons, ghosts, ridiculous scenes, and a bit of eye candy, you should give this show a go.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Magical May Favourites

I am so glad to see the end of May! The only reason being that my beau is due to arrive in a few days time and I have absolutely been suffering as I've been waiting for time to go past (over 5 months since I've seen him, yo). I actually have been using and lurving a lot of things in May, my birthday kind of included, and although not all of them are going to be featured this month, as I don't want to overwhelm you guys with the product awesomeness, they will probably pop up in my next month's favourites!

I bought a couple of nice things for my birthday, and one of these things is (don't judge) a fancy tea. It's rhubarb and strawberry flavoured and it is just such so gorgeous I make sure I brew myself a cuppa almost every day. Let me tell you how it tastes; it's strawberry heaven with a hint of bitterness kicking in from the rhubarb and after it glides down your throat this creamy strawberry taste is left in your mouth. Pretty delicious sounding, eh? It is. Oh, it really is. The tea is made by the Japanese company Lupicia, and whilst it is available in quite a few places around Japan, it is also available in the States, Tawian, and in Melbourne, Aus. The store is always fun to pop into to grab a small free sample of whatever tea they're promoting at the time and stick your schnoz into all the sample pots and have a sniff of the wonderful aromas. I didn't realise just how much I would fall in love with this tea, but it won me over when I was having birthday cake with my friend at a cafe.

Boil me, now! It screams.
My next favourites are, again, non-beauty related. I have been missing my Kiwi-a-gogo land, along with my lovely friends, and I happened to get an awesome package of them with these two very Kiwiana products which I am so happy to have in my life right now. I figuratively weep whenever I make my toast and swipe my Marmite across it, or douse whatever I'm eating with my Kaitaia Fire hot sauce. SO GOOD TO EAT IT. If you've not heard of Marmite, it's the same dealio as Vegemite. If you've not heard of either, they're both a yeast extract spread (the only kind of yeast you want near in you) which is a by-product of beer brewing. It's very good for you as it contains a lot of iron, niacin (vitamin B3), folic acid and thiamin, all essential to helping protect your nervous system, and kidney and liver function. The taste is very unique and salty. You want to have a light hand when spreading this on your toast. It tastes amazing accompanied with cheddar cheese, and this is my favourite way of eating it (though I've been having it sans the cheese as good cheese is hard to come by in Japan unless you pay in gold for it).

Maaaaate, dig in!
And now, finally onto the beauty stuff. From L-R, let's get on it!

1. MAC Margin Frost Blush - I was obsessed with reading Tali's blog (The Gloss Goss) from back in the days, and although she unfortunately stopped blogging completely and deleted her blog (why Tali, why? At least let us have your old posts to read and re-read!), and I was watching Zara's video of her favourite blushes (from the blog Mouldy Fruit)(she is so gorgeous!), and she mentioned that this is one of the blushes that Tali wears, so being the nerdo that I am, I bought one for myself. I was just hoping that it would transform me into a lush beauty, and whilst it did not do that, it did turn my cheeks lovely. You have to have a light hand with it as it is very pigmented. Review coming up soon!

2. Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water - This bottle I was gifted by the most wonderful friend of mine in prep of my trip to Serbia last year. Although I think these bottles of water are ridiculously overpriced, they are a wonder on a long-haul flight. I've also often been reaching for it now that the weather has warmed up and it's just such a lovely, refreshing thing to mist over your face in the morning when you're trying to get your game face on for the day. It's sadly almost run out and I'm debating with myself whether I should splurge on the big bottle. #firstworldproblems

3. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume - I absolutely adore green tea in all its many forms: as the tea that you would just drink, the frappucino and latte from Starbucks, green tea in its ice cream form, green tea milk, green tea cookies, green tea cake, and obviously, green tea perfume. This is such a perfect spring/summer perfume as it's so fresh and light, it puts me in such a happy place when I spritz it on. It's also on the cheaper side of perfumes which makes me happy, and as you can see, I will need to repurchase it very soon!

4. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 21 - I've actually been in love with this BB cream for a while, but I kept forgetting to put it into a favourites list, goodness knows why. Again, it was a birthday present from one of my friends (gosh, my friends do certainly know what I like, don't they!). It's just pure magic, I just haphazardly slap it on my face over my moisturiser, and although at first it looks far too pale to be the right colour for my face, (this is where the magic kicks in) it changes colour over the course of 5-10 minutes and becomes like a second skin. It covers up the discolouration on my face and leaves it looking beautifully glow-y. I also love it because it stays put, and it's got SPF42 plus PA+++ which means it has you covered on both the UVA and UVB rays. Score!
Isn't my blush a beaut?
So, my lovely-lovely lovelies, tell me what was your favourite of May? How do you feel about my favourites (please tell me they're all wonderful)?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Smelly Pits: Crystal Deodorant Roll-On Unscented Review

So, being a white person in Japan can get a bit tough sometimes. The things you struggle with the most are always things you wouldn't really think would matter, but actually make a huge difference. So, what is really getting me down, you might be wondering not at all.

I am a sweaty, hairy, smelly beast, and I rely on a good roll-on deodorant to help me through my sweaty, smelly days. However, the majority of Japanese women don't tend to get very sweaty or smelly (here's a neat fact, Japanese are more likely to possess a gene which means they have dry earwax; this gene is also linked to underarm smells, so if you have dry earwax, you don't get smelly!), so their deodorants all fall under the body spray category. I think I have only come across a couple brands which have roll-ons and they don't seem like the type that would be any help to my sweaty pits.

With my pits gobbling down my Rexona roll-on faster than I can eat a taiyaki, I decided to grab myself a more natural and environmentally friendly roll-on from this site after reading a million good reviews for it on there.

Look at it trying to convince you that it's awesome! Flex those biceps, man!
 I decided to go for the unscented version, and I have absolutely no clue why as I prefer my pits to smell like anything other than their stinky selves. I was drawn in by the fact that it was aluminum and paraben free. Aluminum is the reason why you get those yellow stains on the armpits of your favourite white tops, and the reason all your other tops get that stiffness. The sweat mixes with it, chemistry happens, and boom!, you're left with those horrid stains.

I had really high hopes for this deodorant, and I was feeling pretty good about it. But...it just didn't do it for me. At all. It's safe to say that I'm almost better off not wearing this at all, because it really makes no difference to whether I get smelly or not. I get sweaty easily, like, I look at a picture of someone taking a walk and I get sweaty; it's that type of sweaty. It's because I have a very efficient cooling system, mmkay? So I wasn't expecting it to help with that issue, because that's not what it was for, BUT I was expecting it to stop the smellies, and it failed miserably.

I had such high hopes for you!
So, sweaty and smelly beasts, beware! This is not the deodorant for you! My quest for a natural deodorant continues and I cling on to my new bottle of Rexona with the desperation of a stranded islander down to his last bottle of water.

If you still feel compelled to give this deodorant a go, because I am a pretty lost cause, you can get it for cheap here and even cheaper with my voucher code FSK978.

Any recommendations on a good roll-on? Do you get the yellow pits of doom on your white tops too?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fitness Friday: Starting Jamie Eason's Livefit 12-Week Trainer

Linked from here
I realise my FF posts have not been happening for a while now, but I've just been struggling with my own fitness journey to be able to share anything worthwhile. If I had posted anything, it would've been just super negative stuff about how lazy I'd gotten and how much I was just hating everything under the sun because everything was just so hard for me *the smallest violin in the world plays*

So, a few weeks ago, after much debating, I finally decided to a join a gym, even if it is a 45 minute bike ride for me in just one direction. I have to say, I am pretty darn excited to be back in a gym. I'd been gymless for a year! This is a huge deal for me as I have been teaching group fitness classes for a year, and the gym is my home away from home.

In addition to joining a gym, I have also decided to start the Jamie Eason Livefit 12-Week Trainer.  I have been reading and following a lot of blogs that are written by girls who eat clean and workout predominantly using just weights, and it's really inspired me to do something I couldn't do before/was too intimidated by. I am hoping to stick to the training and the meal plans provided as much as possible, because I am keen to see what I can achieve when I put my mind to it. Honestly, I am not super happy with my body, and I am painfully aware of the pressure media and society puts on women especially, to conform to some kind of "beauty standard", but I'm slowly trying to change my way of thinking. At the same time, I am doing something that I am actually passionate about. I love working out and eating healthy, and I want to look and feel strong.

Yesterday was my Day One of Week One for me! Wish me luck! I have taken a "before" picture, which I am far too terrified to put up now, but if I have stuck to my goals, I will have an "after" picture taken as well so you girls can see the results. I will try and put up pictures of what I've eaten throughout the week if that interests you, so let me know!

What does being healthy mean to you? Are you happy with your appearance, and if not, why?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Essie Borrowed & Blue Review + Swatch (I'm In Love!)

Guys, I am so excited about this nail polish, I actually can't believe how much I love it. It was love at first sight when I saw it on the absolutely gorgeous Annabelle from Vivaluxury, and I knew it had to be in my life ASAP. When I finally got my sticky little hands on it, I knew this would be the start of a full blown affair with this polish.

How appropriate that my first ever Essie nail polish is one that I absolutely adore but is a limited edition? It's from the 2011 Wedding Collection and it's just the most gorgeous pale blue colour I've ever come across in a bottle. It reminds me of that really pale blue colour that you see when you're looking at the sky on a clear day, and it's peaking off into almost white. That's the sort of colour this nail polish is; basically a sunny day's sky in a bottle. It tends to look bluer inside and outside it washes out to an almost white, as you can see from Annabelle's photo.

Now, this nail polish can do no wrong by me in regards to colour, but formula-wise...it makes for one very frustrated blogger. I imagine because it's an older polish that's the reason why it's thick and gloopy, and it's just a nightmare to apply. I've read a few reviews by other people who've complained how crapola Essie's formulas are; they tend to chip immediately and not last very long. Unfortunately I've found this is very true with this polish, even with a top coat, it lasts a day max without very obvious chipping. Day two, goodbye nice looking nails.

We're going sky high, baby, you and I.
 I didn't get the chance to take a photo of my nails as soon as I'd painted them, so here they are in their couple of days old glory! Keeping it real for y'all!

...I seriously love this nail polish way too much. I've been reapplying it, that's how much I love it! And I can never be bothered to reapply the same colour so soon after I've taken it off!

I bought mine here but if you're living in the States, I bet there's a seller on eBay who's selling it for less. International beauties, this is the cheapest I've found it on the internets.

What do you think of this colour? Are you dying to have it in your life right now? What polish have you not been able to take off?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product Review

Buenas tardes beauties!

I hope that everyone in the northern hemisphere is getting more sunshine and warmth than we are here on Western coast of Japan, because it's just been absolutely frickin' cold and I can't imagine what summer feels like any more.
Anyway! I thought I would finally share my opinion on a cult product that has a huge fan base. You've probably seen this purple bottle popping up in numerous beauty gurus loved products reviews and videos. I am, of course, talking about the It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In hair product.

It claims to do "10 things instantly", and although I don't feel I could tick it off on everything, I definitely have noticed a difference since starting to use it. For reference, I have naturally curly hair that is very fine and dyed blonde. Not a fun combination, let me tell you! Life is a struggle with fine, curly hair, it gets damaged and tangled really easily and it's hard to look presentable. *takes a deep breath* Don't let me get started!

Since starting to use it last year October-ish, I feel like it's really helped with detangling, and although it hasn't prevented split ends and breakage, I feel like it has possibly had a hand in reducing both problems a little bit. It adds a bit of shine, I'll also give it that. I haven't used it as a thermal protector as I've been avoiding all hot styling tools since last summer. I definitely have noticed my hair calming down a bit, and dare I say it, becoming a little bit softer.
The consistency of the product is surprisingly thick; it's a spray style nozzle, but I don't spray it directly into my hair. I first spray it into the palm of my hand, rub my palms together, and then evenly distribute it in my hair from the tops of my ears down to the tips.

I am always desperately seeking something that will leave my curly hair soft, full of body, and manageable -- might be a fools quest! I feel like It's a 10 MLIP is something that would only give benefits short term; I'm always dubious when I come across ingredients on products that I have difficulty pronouncing/have no idea what it means. I should really look into oils, shouldn't I?

What are your recommended hair products? What would you say has made a significant difference to the health of your hair?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Loved and Used Up - Empties #1

I've been squirreling away my empties for a few months now, and finally I have a decent amount which is post worthy!

Let's work it from left to right, top to bottom!

1. スペインの匂い (Spain Bath Salts) - I had originally planned to do a review of this but as it was less than ordinary, I have shunned it to the one conglomerate product post. The smell is generic, promising to smell of "Spain", obviously roses are the theme. I found it overpowering and not that pleasant. I didn't have very high expectations as it was ¥100.

2. ハーバリズム Herbalism from LUSH - This is the 3rd pot of Herbalism that I have gone through and although I used to enjoy it, I didn't find it did anything note worthy to my skin. The reason I kept re-purchasing it was I couldn't make up my mind what else to buy, I was desperately in need of a cleanser, so I'd just end up re-purchasing what I knew wasn't bad. The scent is okay, very fresh smelling, it's difficult to describe! I found that the version they make in Japan is a lot smoother than the one in New Zealand. It's supposed to be a gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin, and I agree with that claim. It never left my skin feeling stripped or tight, and I loved the fact that it was vegan, cruelty-free and other crapola-free. Unfortunately, the search for a superduperspecialsparkly cleanser goes on!

3. Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Blonde Brilliance Intense Treatment - And a century later the product name is finally typed out...So, this hair treatment I liked! He was nice, was there for me when I was in a state of distress, but unfortunately this is where we part. There was just something missing, the chemistry just wasn't there. I will look back at our times together with fondness. Girls, if you've got blondie locks, which also happen to be curly and fine, this may be the treatment to tide you over while you're looking for ~*the one*~. Think a review is in order.

4. Gucci Rush EDT - This is definitely a perfume that seems to be in the category of, you either love it to bits and want to bathe in it, or you hate it and stay away from it like it's petrol. I am most, most, most, most definitely in the former group. I just absolutely adore this smell, I think it's just so sexy and feminine and a total head turner. I love the stark red video cassette shaped box the perfume is housed in and I love wearing it to make myself feel "grown up" and "sexy". It's sweet, but in a sophisticated way, and the floral notes meld so well with the vanilla and patchouli, it's just divine (ooh, look at me just throwing out notes there). Needless to say, I repurchased as soon as I ran out, definitely would never be without it.

5. Vitacost Ultra Hair Formula - Forever seeking the perfect hair, you know what I'm talking about, long voluminous locks that cascade down your back like you're a mermaid, and when people touch it, it makes them want to recite poetry (what, this isn't what everyone aspires to?), I am constantly trying different things. I have always been very wary and suspicious of supplements, wishing that they'd work, but not really believing they'd do anything. In a desperate bid during the cooler months to help nourish my poor dying locks, I invested in these Ultra Hair Formula supplements. Probably should've continued taking them as they recommend taking any supplements for at least 3 months for results to be apparent, but the site Vitacost, jacked up international shipping prices so I found bigger and greener pastures in the form of another site. Conclusion: would not repurchase, did not really work for me.

6. Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel - I desperately wish this was available in perfume form because it's absolutely divine. I loved, loved, loved using it during summer (did I mention I loved it?). It's a very sweet fruity rose smell and I look forward to using it during my happy shower times. I love Korres, and this smell is just amazing. Free of the nasties you don't want on your body or in your drain, and a beautiful product from Greece, can you say win?

7. Burt's Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil - Bought during winter time to soothe my chapped and dying lips, I am so proud of myself because I have actually used this all up without losing it first! Featured in my Feb faves.

8. Maybelline Baby Lips Soothing Cherry Lip Balm - Another lip balm that's been used and abused without being lost, woohoo! You go Glen Coco. It's a lovely fruity smell and taste, and whilst it doesn't give you baby soft lips, it does help relieve the chapped pain for a little bit.

Phew! So that's it, ladies and gentlemen, my first empties over and done with. What did you think? What's something you've used up recently that you're dying to repurchase? Share and care below!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Canmake Colorful Nails #10 Lavender Milk Swatch + Review

I've never really been the girl that was into nail polishes. Sometimes a certain colour took my fancy, but very rarely did I buy them. 

Until now.

Of course, living in Japan, it's all about the long eyelashes, big eyes and pretty nails, so there are many different brands of nail polish available to the average Japanese girl. After lusting after many a pastel coloured nail polish featured on various beauty blogs, RosyChicc's post on Essie's Lilacism polish really was the last straw for me. I was going to have a beautiful purple pastel coloured nail polish in my life, if it was the last thing I bought!

I went to Daiwa, a big department store, as I recalled them having some Essie nail polishes, but unfortunately the selection was teeny and Lilacism wasn't there. Before I caught the train back home, I went to browse in a beauty shop in the big mall next to the station when, lo and behold!, a beautiful pastel purple polish twinkled out amongst the other non-pastel polishes! At under 400 yen, it was an easy and quick purchase.

I am really not with it when it comes to popular beauty brands in Japan, but I've seen the Canmake Colorful Nails a few times, so I imagine it's a well-known brand. They had an array of other colours, and I may have to go back for the pastel green and yellow that I also spotted.

The colour is called 'Lavender Milk' and I believe it to be quite an apt name for the shade; a very light and creamy lavender colour. Not so sure about the description of it:"A gentle, sweet lavender like the Little Mermaid." 
Oh Japan. It sure is like the Little Mermaid...

I am sorry about the light, in the late afternoon light, it looks a lot darker than it actually is. During the day time it is a very light colour. The application wasn't bad, I found that I didn't get enough polish often, and because it dried so quickly, I'd get angry at the obvious horrible layering I'd done. It was still very streaky with 2 coats, so 3 coats it was. Even with 3 coats, I still felt a bit underwhelmed with the formula, but I love the colour.

So, I've got myself my first spring nail polish, how about some of that spring temperature, ay, Japan?

What is your spring nail colour this year? Any recommendations? Should I be worried that my nail polish addiction will get worse?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Love for the Gemstones

I've never felt a particular fondness for quartz and other gem stones you see used in jewellery; mainly because I think I associated it with older women, and it just didn't appeal to my "hip" side. However, since working in a jewellery store for 3 years, I learnt a fair bit, and I developed a wee love for some stones in particular.


I was cleaning a very lovely girl's ring, and when I exclaimed how beautiful it was, and how it was incredible because I could have sworn it'd changed colours, she told me the story behind it. It's a fairly "recent" discovered stone, found in 19th century Russia, and was named 'Alexandrite' in honour of Tsar Alexander II. This stone is believed to bring good fortune and love, and I can understand why, it's just absolutely stunning. They are expensive, but I am definitely going to invest in one in the future.


Bet you thought sapphires only came in that vivid blue colour, amirite? Well, I'm going to break that common stereotype right here and now, sapphires come in an array of colours! The only colour the sapphire doesn't come in is red - that is a ruby. My other half gave me a stunning ring with a dark blue sapphire which I absolutely love. It's been passed down within the women in his family, so it's even more special to me.

Mystic Topaz

Can you tell I love multi-coloured things? As much as I want the usual blue topaz, I also want to own the mystic topaz. The name is awesome, let's not deny it!, and I've rarely seen other women wearing it. The stone is coated with a thin layer of titanium to the underside through a process which changes the way the stone absorbs and reflects light. Because it's man-made (the colours), it's considered semi-precious.


It's name is derived from Ancient Greek which means "not intoxicated", because the ancient Greeks believed this stone protected its owner from drunkenness! In terms of spiritual and healing properties, it's believed that the stone brings peace, aids restful sleep and eases stress. My grandmother wore a necklace made out of little bits of amethyst, and I always think of amethyst in fondness because of this. I love it in its natural state best, I love running my hands over the cool, jagged lines.

Emma from Beauty and Rags is currently running a giveaway for an absolutely exquisite gold dipped amethyst necklace, and I would absolutely, absolutely love to win it! *fingers crossed* Hop on over and check it out here.

I'd love to hear what your favourite gem stones are! Leave a comment down below with your favourite stone and why you love it.