Thursday, May 30, 2013

Smelly Pits: Crystal Deodorant Roll-On Unscented Review

So, being a white person in Japan can get a bit tough sometimes. The things you struggle with the most are always things you wouldn't really think would matter, but actually make a huge difference. So, what is really getting me down, you might be wondering not at all.

I am a sweaty, hairy, smelly beast, and I rely on a good roll-on deodorant to help me through my sweaty, smelly days. However, the majority of Japanese women don't tend to get very sweaty or smelly (here's a neat fact, Japanese are more likely to possess a gene which means they have dry earwax; this gene is also linked to underarm smells, so if you have dry earwax, you don't get smelly!), so their deodorants all fall under the body spray category. I think I have only come across a couple brands which have roll-ons and they don't seem like the type that would be any help to my sweaty pits.

With my pits gobbling down my Rexona roll-on faster than I can eat a taiyaki, I decided to grab myself a more natural and environmentally friendly roll-on from this site after reading a million good reviews for it on there.

Look at it trying to convince you that it's awesome! Flex those biceps, man!
 I decided to go for the unscented version, and I have absolutely no clue why as I prefer my pits to smell like anything other than their stinky selves. I was drawn in by the fact that it was aluminum and paraben free. Aluminum is the reason why you get those yellow stains on the armpits of your favourite white tops, and the reason all your other tops get that stiffness. The sweat mixes with it, chemistry happens, and boom!, you're left with those horrid stains.

I had really high hopes for this deodorant, and I was feeling pretty good about it. just didn't do it for me. At all. It's safe to say that I'm almost better off not wearing this at all, because it really makes no difference to whether I get smelly or not. I get sweaty easily, like, I look at a picture of someone taking a walk and I get sweaty; it's that type of sweaty. It's because I have a very efficient cooling system, mmkay? So I wasn't expecting it to help with that issue, because that's not what it was for, BUT I was expecting it to stop the smellies, and it failed miserably.

I had such high hopes for you!
So, sweaty and smelly beasts, beware! This is not the deodorant for you! My quest for a natural deodorant continues and I cling on to my new bottle of Rexona with the desperation of a stranded islander down to his last bottle of water.

If you still feel compelled to give this deodorant a go, because I am a pretty lost cause, you can get it for cheap here and even cheaper with my voucher code FSK978.

Any recommendations on a good roll-on? Do you get the yellow pits of doom on your white tops too?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fitness Friday: Starting Jamie Eason's Livefit 12-Week Trainer

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I realise my FF posts have not been happening for a while now, but I've just been struggling with my own fitness journey to be able to share anything worthwhile. If I had posted anything, it would've been just super negative stuff about how lazy I'd gotten and how much I was just hating everything under the sun because everything was just so hard for me *the smallest violin in the world plays*

So, a few weeks ago, after much debating, I finally decided to a join a gym, even if it is a 45 minute bike ride for me in just one direction. I have to say, I am pretty darn excited to be back in a gym. I'd been gymless for a year! This is a huge deal for me as I have been teaching group fitness classes for a year, and the gym is my home away from home.

In addition to joining a gym, I have also decided to start the Jamie Eason Livefit 12-Week Trainer.  I have been reading and following a lot of blogs that are written by girls who eat clean and workout predominantly using just weights, and it's really inspired me to do something I couldn't do before/was too intimidated by. I am hoping to stick to the training and the meal plans provided as much as possible, because I am keen to see what I can achieve when I put my mind to it. Honestly, I am not super happy with my body, and I am painfully aware of the pressure media and society puts on women especially, to conform to some kind of "beauty standard", but I'm slowly trying to change my way of thinking. At the same time, I am doing something that I am actually passionate about. I love working out and eating healthy, and I want to look and feel strong.

Yesterday was my Day One of Week One for me! Wish me luck! I have taken a "before" picture, which I am far too terrified to put up now, but if I have stuck to my goals, I will have an "after" picture taken as well so you girls can see the results. I will try and put up pictures of what I've eaten throughout the week if that interests you, so let me know!

What does being healthy mean to you? Are you happy with your appearance, and if not, why?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Essie Borrowed & Blue Review + Swatch (I'm In Love!)

Guys, I am so excited about this nail polish, I actually can't believe how much I love it. It was love at first sight when I saw it on the absolutely gorgeous Annabelle from Vivaluxury, and I knew it had to be in my life ASAP. When I finally got my sticky little hands on it, I knew this would be the start of a full blown affair with this polish.

How appropriate that my first ever Essie nail polish is one that I absolutely adore but is a limited edition? It's from the 2011 Wedding Collection and it's just the most gorgeous pale blue colour I've ever come across in a bottle. It reminds me of that really pale blue colour that you see when you're looking at the sky on a clear day, and it's peaking off into almost white. That's the sort of colour this nail polish is; basically a sunny day's sky in a bottle. It tends to look bluer inside and outside it washes out to an almost white, as you can see from Annabelle's photo.

Now, this nail polish can do no wrong by me in regards to colour, but makes for one very frustrated blogger. I imagine because it's an older polish that's the reason why it's thick and gloopy, and it's just a nightmare to apply. I've read a few reviews by other people who've complained how crapola Essie's formulas are; they tend to chip immediately and not last very long. Unfortunately I've found this is very true with this polish, even with a top coat, it lasts a day max without very obvious chipping. Day two, goodbye nice looking nails.

We're going sky high, baby, you and I.
 I didn't get the chance to take a photo of my nails as soon as I'd painted them, so here they are in their couple of days old glory! Keeping it real for y'all!

...I seriously love this nail polish way too much. I've been reapplying it, that's how much I love it! And I can never be bothered to reapply the same colour so soon after I've taken it off!

I bought mine here but if you're living in the States, I bet there's a seller on eBay who's selling it for less. International beauties, this is the cheapest I've found it on the internets.

What do you think of this colour? Are you dying to have it in your life right now? What polish have you not been able to take off?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product Review

Buenas tardes beauties!

I hope that everyone in the northern hemisphere is getting more sunshine and warmth than we are here on Western coast of Japan, because it's just been absolutely frickin' cold and I can't imagine what summer feels like any more.
Anyway! I thought I would finally share my opinion on a cult product that has a huge fan base. You've probably seen this purple bottle popping up in numerous beauty gurus loved products reviews and videos. I am, of course, talking about the It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In hair product.

It claims to do "10 things instantly", and although I don't feel I could tick it off on everything, I definitely have noticed a difference since starting to use it. For reference, I have naturally curly hair that is very fine and dyed blonde. Not a fun combination, let me tell you! Life is a struggle with fine, curly hair, it gets damaged and tangled really easily and it's hard to look presentable. *takes a deep breath* Don't let me get started!

Since starting to use it last year October-ish, I feel like it's really helped with detangling, and although it hasn't prevented split ends and breakage, I feel like it has possibly had a hand in reducing both problems a little bit. It adds a bit of shine, I'll also give it that. I haven't used it as a thermal protector as I've been avoiding all hot styling tools since last summer. I definitely have noticed my hair calming down a bit, and dare I say it, becoming a little bit softer.
The consistency of the product is surprisingly thick; it's a spray style nozzle, but I don't spray it directly into my hair. I first spray it into the palm of my hand, rub my palms together, and then evenly distribute it in my hair from the tops of my ears down to the tips.

I am always desperately seeking something that will leave my curly hair soft, full of body, and manageable -- might be a fools quest! I feel like It's a 10 MLIP is something that would only give benefits short term; I'm always dubious when I come across ingredients on products that I have difficulty pronouncing/have no idea what it means. I should really look into oils, shouldn't I?

What are your recommended hair products? What would you say has made a significant difference to the health of your hair?