Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Liebster Award!

I really wasn't expecting this so this really made my Tuesday morning! A big thank you to Monica from The Total Opposite blog who has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Please check her out, she's a bilingual beauty, and I hope she'll help me brush up on my Spanish!

I've been trying to source the original blog that started this, but unfortunately it seems like this might not be possible but this blogger has done the detective work. I'm going to change the rules around just a wee bit, because it's a bit like that game, Chinese whispers, and I'm a rule breaker ;)
1) Share 10 things about yourself.
2) Answer the 10 questions that your tagger has given you.
3) Choose at least 5 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have under 200 Google Friend Connect followers and be told in a comment on their blog.
4) Think of 10 questions to ask the bloggers you have nominated.
5) Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.

10 Tidbits About Me
  1. It has been my dream to visit Japan since I was 12 years old, so I'm living the dream as I am currently living and working there. 
  2. I have a deep love for a Japanese boy band called NEWS (ニュース). They are all things fluffy and adorable and they make my life. And this song is super catchy (I suggest watching it from 3:00 unless you want to see their adorkableness).
  3. I am a group fitness instructor. Minus the leggings and neon tights.
  4. I have lived in 3 different countries.
  5. I am multilingual.
  6. I once almost ate a bug by accident. It was in my drink and I chomped down on it *cries*
  7. I used to read a lot of vampire/werewolf/witch teen romance books as a teen. Twilight does not compare to them.
  8. I smell all my fruit before buying them.
  9. I never wear my new shoes in so I get painful blisters 99.9% of the time.
  10. I don't drink coffee because I know that if I started to drink it, I would never give it up.
11 Questions From Monica

1. Shorts or skirts?

Shorts! As much as I'd like to say skirts...I always slip into shorts in warmer weather.
2. What's your favorite magazine?

I don't read them much, but if I did, it'd be The National Geographic.
3. Favorite piece of clothing you own?

Jeez, this is a toughie. But I have to say this dress I am absolutely in love with and can't wait to wear again during summer!
4. Wavy or straight hair?

Wavy, definitely! I think it just always looks sexy.
5. Do you like to read?

Hah, do I ever? I'm a total bookwork.
6. What's your ideal job?

Doing close to nothing whilst earning lots of money and helping others. Is this a real job?
7. Do you have any pets? How many?

I wish :'( My current pets are a stuffed penguin and a dying plant on my windowsill.
8. Favorite fruit?

Difficult! Bananas...and strawberries...and cherries.
9. Do you play an instrument?

My best friend started to teach me how to play the guitar and the bass when we were in high school. I stopped because I didn't have a guitar of my own which I really regret.
10. Heels or flats?

As much as I adore heels, I wear flats all the time, so flats it is!
11. Favorite thing in your room?

My Montego Bay candle. It smells just absolutely divine, I cannot describe my love for Glasshouse Fragrance candles. (I also own Tahaa, the best vanilla scented candle in the world.)

My Nominees

1. Kendra from Beauty By Kendra C 
2. Emma from A Hundred Lip Things
3. Rosina from All Things Beauty 
4. Stacey from Expat Make-up Addict
5. Ezi from I.K.I.N.T.O.O.

My 10 Questions For the Nominees

1. What song are you currently bopping along to?
2. What is your favourite fairy tale?
3. What is your favourite online store/s?
4. What is your pet peeve?
5. What book has had an impact on your life?
6. If you were turned into a vampire, what would you do?
7. What is something that's really made you laugh recently? (Link us to the video/image/post, if you can!)
8. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?
9. What is your favourite Disney/childhood movie?
10. If you rubbed a lamp, a genie popped out and could grant you three wishes, what would those wishes be?

Spreading the love, y'all. Big thank you, again, to the lovely Monica for nominating me!  If you think there are any other lovely blogs that deserve this, shout out so we know!

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  1. You're welcome :) It's so cool that you're living your dream! I hope I do the same in England :)

    Monica x


    1. Thank you! I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity to be doing something I've been wanting to do for a very long time. I wish you all the luck with England! <3