Thursday, November 29, 2012

Start at the Beginning

The Red Queen advises Alice:"Start at the beginning, go through to the end and then stop."
In this internet world populated by millions and bajillions of blogs, I have decided to push my own one out into that crazy overpopulated blog world. Inspired by the countless blogs I've read over the years, I figure there's something in here that will help or inspire someone in the future.

I hope that you, my readers, enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy making them. I will aim to keep the posts relevant and cover a range of topics. Not just makeup and beauty but also things that concern a lot of us, and that, is fitness and health, things that makes us happy, and everything in-between.

So without further ado, I will break a bottle champagne over the bow of this blog, and I shall christen her "Blindly Beautiful".

Sails away!

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