Sunday, December 2, 2012

Keeping the Cold at Bay

Winter Clothes Wants

Winter Clothes Wants by mali-konj featuring faux leather pants

Winter is undeniably here in Kanazawa and trying to keep warm is currently my obsession. I have finally purchased an oil radiator heater for my poorly insulated apartment and I have been living in my bedroom coming out only to eat, shower and use the toilet. I sound like a bit of a crazy person...but I swear I went out a couple of times throughout the weekend! 

So here's a few things which I would like to be wearing right now, and that I have my beady little eye on. You have to excuse my sudden love for Ugg boots. I have forever detested them because of their ugly look, and my hatred for them grew especially after seeing girls wearing them outside with their PJ bottoms, or short denim shorts (even though it's minus a bajillion degrees outside!). But after having been gifted a pair, I have to say, winter is definitely easier to bear with them on. I have a knock-off pair at home, but my real pair of Uggs still reside in NZ, so I'm going to have to plead to someone to ship them over to me. They're warm, comfy and I feel like a bit of a cave woman when I wear them, but I think they're here to stay.

Sweaters I can't get enough of, and I wear at least 3 other things underneath mine, and it hasn't even started snowing yet!

I am currently freaking out because I still do not own a proper winter jacket, and have been living in my leather one, the poor thing has gotten wet one too many time in this horrid constant rainy weather. So I have been scouring eBay and TradeMe for The North Face and Kathmandu jackets. Dear gods of winter, please be kind to me! I am yet also to purchase a pair of proper boots for winter.

And I have been living in my one scarf for the last month and a half. That sounds filthy. I really need to buy more scarfs.

Dear friends of the hellishly cold atmosphere, how do you keep yourself warm, and what winter warmers are you desiring? Any tips for keeping warm in a badly insulated apartment?

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