Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara Review

I was an eyelash extension addict. 

Still am.

So it's always a challenge trying to find a mascara that will give me the same length and volume that extensions did. Of course, this isn't possible, but I think I've come across a mascara that makes me pretty happy with my wispy lashes.

Seeing as the eyes are windows to your soul, and all that, shouldn't we at least make them look like attractive looking windows? And most of the time, people are staring at your face, so your eyes are probably most looked at thing out of your whole body (let's not count the perve's who are looking at other things!).

But, back on topic, I don't think any mascara has come close (apart from this one I've completely forgotten the name of) to making my lashes look as good as Covergirl's Lashblast Fusion.

It comes in a very 'murasaki' (that's Japanese for purple!) coloured tube. I didn't think much of it until I opened it up.

Ooh, a brush that is quite chunky, and bristles that go all the way around placed in different areas in a very organised way. How exciting! 
Because of this, the bristles clutch on to your wispy little lashes, and coat your lashes just right. I find that I can get away with even just ONE coating of mascara, but I usually put on two.

I think I've finally realised its status as my "the one" mascara, because it never clumps my lashes, it always the right amount of blackness to them, there's rarely any fall out, it's water resistant so it lasts pretty much the whole day (however, it seems to not be full-on-crying resistant, so watch out! Don't go watching any sad movies, or be breaking up with your beau, ya hear?)

Ahh, no, fine lines! Ignore them!

This is what it looks like after a full day of work, sweat and tears. Okay, but really, just after a full day at work. It doesn't look that impressive in photo, but trust me, it looks pretty impressive in real life.

So if you haven't had the chance to try this mascara, or you're looking for a new one to try out, I highly, highly recommend this. I have it in the shade Very Black, and it suits me just fine. It's a very decent price, which is why it's so amazing as well. Great mascara plus cheap price is a winner in my books!

What is your "the one" mascara? Have you ever had lash extensions done before? I miss mine!

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