Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fitness Friday: Fruit Punch

Following on from the Christmas Detox post, I know how hard it is to eat healthy during the colder days, or to get out and about, we all just want to return our caves beds, snuggle up into our blankets, and hibernate our way into spring.

When you are running low on energy, you're hungry and you just want something that's warm and tasty, the colder days make it all to easy to make comfort food. Or, if you really can't be bothered, ordering takeaways, or eating out. I know I have been guilty of my fair share of butter chickens and Turkish kebab takeaways. And don't get me started on the snacks! And because I think snack food is usually peoples biggest weakness, let's talk a little bit about that.

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The best way to overcome the hibernation syndrome is to make sure that you're eating regularly throughout the day. I know that the supermarkets are lacking in the abundance of tropical fruits, but there are still many fruits readily available that should be your main go-to snack foods.

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Fresh apples, pears, oranges, kiwifruits, grapes, bananas and persimmons, these are the winter fruit that are usually readily available.

So opt out the packet of chips, or mince pie, and toss in a beautiful red skin apple, or a firm green pear in your lunchbox, and instead of that hot chocolate mashed full of marshmallows, buy a box of herbal fruit tea to keep you warm throughout those cold hours.

If you're wanting to get your daily hit of Vitamin C, a couple of kiwifruits pack a good punch. These little brown furries contain almost one-and-a-half times the minimal daily requirement for Vitamin C, so a fruit juice containing these bad boys will do the trick.

Another great snack is muesli bars -- not those that are completely dipped in chocolate with chocolate chips inside, I'm talking about the super grain-y ones that are mixed with nuts and dried fruit (a little dark chocolate on there won't hurt).

So hopefully this will give you a bit more motivation to swap in an extra fruit, or two, every day, and to keep that snacking healthy.

What are your favourite winter snacks?

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