Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nail polish of the Ice Age: OPI My Private Jet Review

The cold weather persists and even though spring isn't that far away, it feels like I'm going to be stuck in the Ice Age forever. 
To make myself feel better about the cold, I decided to paint my nails with a nail polish my BFF got me a wee while ago. And I thought, seeing as I was being so productive, I might as well do my own review on this beautiful OPI nail polish that is known to be as Kim Kardashian's favourite shade (I've sold it to you already, surely).

Natural Light
My Private Jet is a beautiful, really dark charcoal colour with really fine flecks of silver that give depth to the colour. In the bottle you can see this sheen of amber when you rotate it in the light, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately this doesn't translate onto your nails, but it does look beautiful if you're just staring at the bottle itself. After reading around a bit, My Private Jet has been reformulated at least a few times; there is the original holo version, one which has a blue sheen to it, and then there's my one, which has the amber hue to it.

Applied, you can leave it on your nails with one coat, streakiness is pretty minimal, but I always apply two coats and find this the perfect amount. I was very smart and didn't put on a top coat on the first day when I wearing this, and no chipping occurred, and I was over the moon, but when I applied the top coat the following day, I found that I had enough chipping by the third day that I had to take it all off, boo. There go my sexy nails.

Natural light, attempting to show the pretty amber tone in the bottle
A bit further away from the glarey sun

Overall, this is an absolutely beautiful polish that even with the chipping, I would still recommend at least having a perve at when you're by your OPI stand next time.

What is your favourite dark coloured nail polish? Are you also sticking to the darker colours because of the weather?


  1. This is such a gorgeous shade! Love it!! <33


    1. Yay, so glad that you agree! :D Have added you to my list of favourite bloggers <3

  2. Love this color!!


    1. Isn't it just perfect with everything? Thanks for stopping by my blog!