Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bitten by the Love Bug - Valentine's Day

My Bloglovin' has been heavily saturated with Valentine's Day related posts, and I imagine there's quite a few others who are also experiencing the same thing. I'm a big romantic at heart, and as much as I hate how the companies exploit us through commercialisation of Valentine's Day, I refuse to not celebrate a day where love is celebrated.

I imagine the amount of people who are getting proposed to on this day, and the general feeling of love that must be wafting around the whole word on February 14th. Of course, not everyone's going to be feeling the vibe, I'm guilty of having been bitten by the love buy myself, but my beau won't be here on that day to celebrate with me, so I'm going to make do with a date with myself!

So I'm going to do a teeny list of things you can do on your own, and things you can surprise your S.O. with!

Things You Can Totally Do By Yourself on Valentine's Day

1. Treat yourself and your sister/mother/BFF to a fun day together

Show some love to your other loves! I spent one of my Valentine's Days with my sister - we went to the movies, got some yummy snacks, and we watched the crap out of that romantic comedy. Other suggestions: spend the day baking and eating delicious things with your other bitter single friends and watching your favourite movies whilst throwing food at the happy couples whenever they pop up in a movie. If it's a nice day, go somewhere you've been wanting to go for a while, or go shopping!

2. Have a day completely to yourself

I will take any excuse to pamper myself slash justify spending money on that dress/pair of shoes/Chanel perfume you-know-is-out-of-your-budget-right-now. I would actually recommend starting the day off with a good workout. Ensures you're gearing your body up to burn all those lovely treats you'll be eating today. Who loves and knows you the best? You, of course! So acknowledge all that you are, love yourself! Love yourself like you've never been loved before! Buy that Gucci bag and cashmere sweater, and don't regret it.

3. Go to a cafe cafe because...Japan

This is only for those of us who are unfortunate enough not to own our own pet right now, but would dearly love to be able to spend some quality time with one who is available. Cue cat cafe! If it's got too many loved up couples who are getting on your nerves because: a) you're lonely b) they don't know how to handle the cats and c) they're taking up your precious time with cute cats, just throw one at their face and they'll run faster than your mascara when watching The Notebook.

Things You Can Do With Your Loverman/Loverwoman

1. Make dinner for them

But this isn't just your normal, oh look honey, surprise romantic dinner for you where I've strewn rose petals on our dining room table! I think it'd be fun if you agreed on making a different meals of the dinner. One person does the appetizers and main meal, the other person does the dessert and drinks. Don't let each other know what you're intending to make, and see what happens!

2. Take them somewhere beautiful and tell them something beautiful

You don't need to get that 3 carat diamond ring that'll be paid off by the time the dinosaurs rise again (because they will!). The most memorable things in life are ones that you remember because they were something you felt. So if it's something that's spectacularly beautiful, you're going to remember it because you were in awe of its beauty. Taking someone where there's a certain beauty to it, whether it's the beach at night, or on top of a hill with a breath-taking view, to a beautiful cobbled old street with picturesque cafes, or to a park with a beautiful tree, it's not hard finding it if you're looking for it. And to really cement the moment, even if you're not that good with words, something from the heart means so much more than a cute teddy bear (but bring him along too!), or a dozen roses with a box of chocolates (nothing wrong with sweetening a kiss with some choccies!). A beautiful surrounding with something from the heart will definitely imprint this moment in the mind and heart of your loved one.

3. Take them to a Love hotel because...Japan

S&M Hello Kitty ftw! If you're in Japan, might as well experience the awesomeness that is a Love hotel. You know what's going to happen there so I'm not going to walk you through it...but there's a large variety of Love hotels, especially in Tokyo, and you can get all sorts of different themed rooms and well...I imagine it could get a little crazy in them. But something worth experiencing with your S.O., right?

Hope you enjoyed my little guide, I'm feeling quite inspired by all this love talk (must be the bug thing!), so I'm going to whip up a Valentine's Day gift suggestion list too!

Share and care, what's the most romantic/strangest Valentine's Day you've had? What are you planning on doing?

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