Thursday, May 30, 2013

Smelly Pits: Crystal Deodorant Roll-On Unscented Review

So, being a white person in Japan can get a bit tough sometimes. The things you struggle with the most are always things you wouldn't really think would matter, but actually make a huge difference. So, what is really getting me down, you might be wondering not at all.

I am a sweaty, hairy, smelly beast, and I rely on a good roll-on deodorant to help me through my sweaty, smelly days. However, the majority of Japanese women don't tend to get very sweaty or smelly (here's a neat fact, Japanese are more likely to possess a gene which means they have dry earwax; this gene is also linked to underarm smells, so if you have dry earwax, you don't get smelly!), so their deodorants all fall under the body spray category. I think I have only come across a couple brands which have roll-ons and they don't seem like the type that would be any help to my sweaty pits.

With my pits gobbling down my Rexona roll-on faster than I can eat a taiyaki, I decided to grab myself a more natural and environmentally friendly roll-on from this site after reading a million good reviews for it on there.

Look at it trying to convince you that it's awesome! Flex those biceps, man!
 I decided to go for the unscented version, and I have absolutely no clue why as I prefer my pits to smell like anything other than their stinky selves. I was drawn in by the fact that it was aluminum and paraben free. Aluminum is the reason why you get those yellow stains on the armpits of your favourite white tops, and the reason all your other tops get that stiffness. The sweat mixes with it, chemistry happens, and boom!, you're left with those horrid stains.

I had really high hopes for this deodorant, and I was feeling pretty good about it. just didn't do it for me. At all. It's safe to say that I'm almost better off not wearing this at all, because it really makes no difference to whether I get smelly or not. I get sweaty easily, like, I look at a picture of someone taking a walk and I get sweaty; it's that type of sweaty. It's because I have a very efficient cooling system, mmkay? So I wasn't expecting it to help with that issue, because that's not what it was for, BUT I was expecting it to stop the smellies, and it failed miserably.

I had such high hopes for you!
So, sweaty and smelly beasts, beware! This is not the deodorant for you! My quest for a natural deodorant continues and I cling on to my new bottle of Rexona with the desperation of a stranded islander down to his last bottle of water.

If you still feel compelled to give this deodorant a go, because I am a pretty lost cause, you can get it for cheap here and even cheaper with my voucher code FSK978.

Any recommendations on a good roll-on? Do you get the yellow pits of doom on your white tops too?

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